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We believe that: “Every human being, by virtue of being born, has the right to health, food, education, shelter and to a decent life.”

Inspired by our sister associations in Italy, we created People for Change in the UK to make a positive impact on the future of undeveloped communities in Senegal and Gambia. We are a small, tight-knit organisation made up of passionate volunteers who want to bring hope to poverty-stricken children and their communities while ensuring the changes we help to achieve benefit generations to come. We founded People for Change on three main pillars of change – Health, Education and Nutrition- complementing the existing goals of the Italian charities.

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We want to improve children’s future prospects in underdeveloped areas

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We believe in helping to eliminate the scarcity of access to basic health care

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We’ll strive to help improve communities’ sustainable access to wholesome food

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Doctors & Nurses


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Volunteers and Supporters


As we are a new association, we are looking for volunteers to help us implement our projects. There is no age limit or need for particular skills; anyone is welcome to contribute.

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  • Energia Per I Diritti Umani ONLUS was founded in 1998 and pursues an internationalist approach. Its members have different cultures, religions, languages and aspirations but share a belief in equality and solidarity, and freedom of ideas and beliefs. The association currently operates in Italy, Senegal, Gambia and India.

    Energia per i Diritti umani
  • Diritti al Cuore was created in 2005 by Energy for Human Rights but has become totally independent and a self-financed not-for-profit. Among their activities, they organise medical trips to Senegal, provide training courses and support doctors & nurses in training. They currently operate out of Italy and Senegal.

    Diritti al Cuore