Reaping the fruits of our labour in our vegetable garden

Thanks to your ongoing support and the hard-work of our volunteers our vegetable garden has come a long way since we first started sowing seeds in 2015.

Our most recent harvest is the biggest we have had so far! This is a great cause for celebration especially as farming had to be paused for a period in 2016 when the garden was without a water pump.

Thanks to your generous donations, our volunteers who took a new water pump during our annual trip last year and especially to our local supporters who have been working tirelessly, the garden is now almost double the size it was in 2015!  

11kg tomatoes, 9kg cabbage, 7kg aubergines, 1kg okra have now been harvested and will be used to prepare nutritious lunches for the children at our school in Ballanghar village.

In the words of Ebrima Jhahame, a teacher at the school.

“The garden, very very good… Never get this better”

We need your continued support to ensure the ongoing maintenance of the garden so please donate what you can.

We are also in the process of considering more ways of supporting the people of Ballanghar village to become economically independent through sustainable farming.

One option being considered is Aquapoinics the combination of raising fish and growing plants without soil. This is an option that would mean less dependency on water, pesticides, and manual labour, while also having the added value of adding a rich source of protein (the fish) to the children’s diet.

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We need people with agricultural expertise familiar with aquaponics agricultural technique, who can advise us and local supporters about further developing this idea. Please share with anyone who might be interested and/or get in touch at

peopleforchangeReaping the fruits of our labour in our vegetable garden
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