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Football for change!

A huge thank you to all the staff at News UK, Dow Jones & Harper Collins. They helped us raise £500 by taking part in the football tournament on the 30th of June.

It was so inspiring to see so many people playing together to raise funds for our projects. With the money we raised we will be able to buy medical supplies for our upcoming trip to Gambia in October!


Thank you all! And congratulations to the winning team, Newsprinters!

peopleforchangeFootball for change!
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Vegetables, cakes and an easy way to donate

As we here in UK await the arrival of the sun (it came out briefly but has since deserted us, it seems!), there’s plenty to keep us busy at People for Change.

Good news just in!

After a difficult series of conversations and investigations, we are overjoyed to announce that, after many weeks of not receiving food, our school in Ballanghar has this morning received a welcome package of rice, beans and oil with which to feed the students. This means they can stay in the classroom for longer, and more regularly, and we are very grateful to the World Food Programme for the successful delivery.

Browse our website to find out more, and click on our “Donate Now” button to support us, so that we can continue these vital projects across Senegal and Gambia.

News UK Bake Off!

The technology department of News UK held a Bake Off event last month to raise funds for our Charity.

11 cakes were baked and donations of a minimum £1 were asked in exchange for tasting the cakes
A Total of £176 was raised on the day and donated to People for Change.

If you too would like to host an event at your work, or organise some entertainment for a good cause, please contact uswe’d love to hear from you!

Extra Retail Therapy…

Thanks to website Easyfundraising, you don’t need to bake cakes or sit in a bath of beans to donate to charity. You don’t even need to pop coins into a donations box or hunt for your Paypal password.

Just by signing up at this link, and adding a reminder widget to your internet browser, when you make purchases with 100s of brands, from Sainsbury’s to Gap, they will automatically donate money (theirs, not yours!) to People for Change! You can even raise free donations by shopping at selected High Street stores!
It is now simpler than ever to donate to the good cause of your choice, so click the link and get shopping!

Courses and trips to Africa

We will be continuing our educational courses for fundraisers and volunteers throughout June starting on Monday 5th – email us to learn more.
We will also be returning to Africa in October, and would love you to come too! Are you a healthcare professional? Do you know someone that is?
Or perhaps you can assist us with IT in the UK and help get our website get more traffic? Whatever you can do, email us to get involved.

Producing food in Gambia

As you can imagine, growing food in rural Gambian climes is not the easiest thing, but we wanted to create opportunities for our villagers to obtain food self-sufficiency, giving them a sense of satisfaction and nourishing both their minds and stomachs!

People for Change has assisted in setting up a poultry farm, which produced over one hundred chickens for food, before, sadly, the funds ran out and we had to pause this project.
However, we are seeing more of a success story with the agricultural part of our venture:

  • As of February 2017, the village had 18 beds of onions, 9 of cabbages, 2 of lettuces, 17 of tomatoes and almost 20 other vegetable beds being cultivated.
  • In the last month over 20kg of onions and 40kg of cabbages have arrived at the school in Ballanghar to supplement the WFP delivery which arrived today.

But of course, we can do more, and that’s where you come in. Donate today to ensure better nutrition for some of the world’s poorest children.

Spread the love! Forward our site to a friend so they can see what we are doing, or join us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated!

peopleforchangeVegetables, cakes and an easy way to donate
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