By sponsoring a child from a developing country, not only do you allow him or her to go to school, you improve a whole community’s future prospects.

“You can not reclaim your rights if you are not aware of their existence”

Why does sponsorship help so much?

Children are the future, and the future is in our hands. We believe that all children should have access to free education regardless of where they are born and the same chances of a better future. However, in places where the literacy rate of over-15-year-olds barely reaches 50%, such support is in even more dire need

Thanks to this project, the association is able to provide access to free education to an ever growing number of children. With smart resource planning, you also help them receive medical care. With your help, they can live a dignified life while staying in their own village with their family.

In the long-term, the life of the entire community will benefit. We will also be working on complementary projects like building kindergartens and educational centers for all the inhabitants of the villages.

What do we offer the child?

Sponsorship provides: free education, uniform, didactic materials, a mosquito net, a nutritious meal (Gambia) and access to medical assistance.

How much does it cost and how do we manage the fund?

The cost of the sponsorship is only £25 per month – divided in the following way:

  • 50% will go directly to the child (school fee, health care, uniforms, didactic materials, mosquito net, food (where facilities permit)
  • 30% towards communal projects, to improve the condition of the villages where our sponsored children live (i.e. construction of schools, wells, etc..)
  • 20% for admin costs (Flyers, Communication, bank transfers and rent of an office if required).


Who can become a sponsor parent and how long does it last?

Anyone can become a sponsor. Whether you are an individual, a family, a group of colleagues, student class, school or an association. The sponsorship does not have an “end date”: To be really effective, it would ideally last until the child completes his or her course of studies (high school or vocational school). Ultimately, you will be able to decide how much you want to help.

Whether you ar considering to start a sponsorship yourself or as a gift on behalf of someone else, please contact us to discuss in more details.


What will you, the sponsor, receive?

  • A “Welcome Pack” including a certificate, the story of the child you are sponsoring, including photographs.
  • Information of the village and country in which he/she lives, to help you better understand the far-reaching impact of your help.
  • Regular updates on the child’s scholastic progress, as well as a letter from the parents, or a drawing from the child depending on their age.
  • The possibility to send a small gift (please refer to the charity for more information on what you could send)
  • The opportunity to write to your sponsored child in English (translation from other languages may be possible)
  • The possibility to join us during one of our trips to Africa to have the opportunity to meet the sponsored child in person.


The Project in facts & figures:

In collaboration with our partners (Energia Per I Diritti Umani & Diritti al Cuore) we are able to help more than 200+ children every month to go to school.

We have so far built schools in the following villages in Senegal and Gambia:

  1. Ndiadiane
  2. Sossop
  3. Tattaguine
  4. Bandoulou
  5. Pikine
  6. Ballanghar