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What does it take to change a life?

“One person at a time, one day at a time, and one project at a time. You can make a difference that will leave a lasting impact on the world.”

During one of our volunteering trips, while renovating a school in Senegal, Malvina – a volunteer, met Fatou.

A young girl of 19 from the village of Tataguine, Fatou had not been able to attend school because she was both dumb and deaf. As many young people usually do when volunteers visit their villages to work on projects, Fatou approached the group renovating the school to offer her help. Despite the obvious barriers, Malvina and Fatou found ways of communicating as they worked together. “As we spent more time together and got to know each other more, I began to think about how I could help Fatou to live independently. So I spoke with Fatou and her family about what she could do to earn a living,” Malvina said.

Fatou, along with her family and Malvina agreed that it would be best for her to learn a skill so that she could get a job. Six months after meeting Fatou, Malvina made a donation which was used to buy Fatou a sewing machine. Malvina was also able to arrange for Fatou to start an internship with a local tailor for 6 months, after which she was hired and she has been working for almost two years.

Speaking about the experience, Malvina said:

“Every time I’ve had updates from Fatou in the last 2 years, I can honestly say that she is happier every time and this makes me feel super optimistic about the big difference small donations can make to the life of someone who needs it. Fatou deserved it and she really wanted to become independent, that’s why she was able to make the most of my small investment.”

At People For Change, these are the encounters which inspire us. One person, day and project at a time, we hope to make small changes which have lasting impact.

If you share our values and would like to be part of our vision, contact us to discuss how you can make a difference.

No time to volunteer? You can still make a difference by sponsoring a child like Fatou to give them an opportunity for a decent life. Find out more about sponsoring a child in our education project or make a donation to help us improve the lives of more children.

Together we can make lasting change which will benefit generations to come.

peopleforchangeWhat does it take to change a life?

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